Sunday, 16 August 2009

Dabble Day

Another very hectic day yesterday. Golf in the afternoon - Barry and I joined up with Lady Captain (Mary) and Ann P in order to speed up things, but it still took 4 hours to play. None of us are likely to win, but we had an enjoyable game, only getting wet on the first 3 holes.
Back home and a quick shower, then off to Sue and Tom's for her birthday barbecue. Had a great time and we were even treated to a spectacular ariel fireworks display, courtesy of one of their neighbours. Left about 10:20 ish as I didn't want to be too late going to bed because of the busy day ahead.
Got up bright and early this morning. Had to go up to Stevie's to collect freeze packs for cool bag (no room in my freezer!) at 7:30 so that we could keep everything that wouldn't fit in the fridge cool until lunchtime. Chris arrived 7:30 ish and we made a start on preparing the buffet. First people arrived about 9:30 and then the fun began. We set off with muffins and coffee/tea, then began the first two projects. Buffet lunch next, followed by the last two projects. Excellent work produced by all, and trust that everyone had a good time - the feedback was positive. Raffle drawn about 3:20, then folk set off home, but not before we set a date for our Christmas Dabb le Day - 1st November!!. Chris and I had a quick tidy up and then sat down for a well deserved rest.
Barry and I are having a buffet Sunday tea, then I am going to relax for the rest of the night. Need to conserve my energy for golf tomorrow morning! Monday Club ladies are doing 11 holes and then going out for lunch!
Talk to u tomorrow!!

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