Thursday, 6 August 2009


Yesterday was a very busy day. New fridge and freezer were successfully delivered and waited 4 hours to plug them in, then another 8 hours for the freezer to get down to temperature. Then filled them up again, chucking the stuff that had defrosted and couldn't be cooked. Was lucky that I didn't have to throw too much away, but I don't have a little drawer for ice cube trays in my new freezer, maybe thats why all the supermarkets now sell bags of ice!
Christine (G) came over, so I took her to Wath market where we both bought a storage box each and a minimal amount of craft goodies - HONEST!
Back home for lunch, then a little crafting before tea. Chris left about 6:30 and I prepared for the Wednesday Craft Class. It is Mary's birthday today, so yesterday instead of a coffee break, we had a Pimms break - and very civilised it was too!!
Mary had arranged for Ken to bring her and take her home, so I twisted her arm and made her drink another glass! Cards were beautiful as ever - think that the Pimms helped!
Today I am over at Ashley's walking, so I had better get a move on.
Talk later

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