Thursday, 13 August 2009

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Where has the week gone. I have just had another lecture from Chris (B) about not posting daily updates, so here goes.
It's been a whirlwind week again.
Tuesday was lunch at the Kings Head at Swinton with Janet Norton, then dash home and change for golf with the Sandhill Ladies - 11 holes and then a quiz. dash home have a quick bite to eat, put finishing touches to Barry's birthday card.
At midnight I insist that it is now the glorious twelfth and make Barry open his birthday cards and pressies - quite a lot of wine received - much happiness.
Wednesday no golf today. Over to Chris (G)'s for a little crafting. Shopped at Tesco for the bulk of food for Dabble Day (next Sunday) Did a little last minute planning then spent the rest of the time making a very complicated card. It was on the split Coast Stampers website. It's a Tri Shutter Card and Chris and I watched the on-line tutorial many times before actually completing this card. It took us about 4 hours, less the time it took us to lunch . Homemade spinach pie with salad - delish!!. Dashed home again to cook Barry his birthday tea - Chilli con carne with rice and garlic bread. Dashed to Morrisons to buy bouquet of flowers to take to Townmoor Golf Club on Thursday (for their Lady Captain). Dashed home, Craft Class for two hours and then made card for Sue and card for Chess (Town Moor lady who is 89 on Saturday!), then crawled to bed exhausted.
Thursday (today). Got up bright and early, picked Michelle up at 8:10 and got to Town Moor Golf Club for 10 to 9. Coffee and biscuits, teams sorted, cards done, seven teams of ladies set out at about 10:20. Our team came second!! Well Done! Back in clubhouse quite late - long round of golf! Had meal, strawberries, chocolate cake and clotted cream. (Discovered that I had left Chess's birthday card on table in hall at home - will have to post tomorrow!!)
Michelle and I eventually set off from Doncaster at about 5:00, made it to Thurnscoe for about 5:20 where Michelle picked up her van from the garage (having passed it's MOT now) Dashed home to feed Barry and Cheryl and Paul (our friends from Costessy Norfolk) Craft class at 7 - Cheryl joined in. Sue brought Josh (her 14 year old son) who was extremely well behaved and sociable - all credit to you Sue and Tom!
Well Chris - that is a quick synopsis of my last three days. Can you see why I have not had time to update this blog!
Totally shattered, off to bed, see ya tomorrow folks.

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