Monday, 10 August 2009

Monday Club

What started off as a dull morning turned into a half decent day today. Played golf with the Monday Club ladies (well - Michelle, Jan & Rosemary) Rosemary left after 11 holes and despite Michelle and me trying to tempt Jan into going for lunch, she persuaded us to finish the round! We have decided to go for lunch next Monday after 11 holes instead.
Went shopping to Tesco to buy a birthday pressie for Barry and spent a fortune on other things!
Cooked tea, went to bed for a couple of hours (which isn't me really) cos I was feeling exhausted. Then got up again and made Gail and Ev's birthday cards. Its been a busy week for birthdays. Its a very special one for Ev, but she wouldn't thank me for disclosing her age, so I wont.
I got a late sponsor today for my race for life efforts, and also received a thank you letter from Cancer Research for the £169.58 that I paid in last week, which if you add to the £140.42 that I raised online, brings it to a grand total of £310.00 which I am extremely grateful to everyone for. I would just like to say an enormous thank you to everyone who so willingly sponsored me and if you would like to see the online sponsor page, follow this link

If you want a laugh, here are a few photos that were taken on the day.

Right that's your laugh for today, I am going to bed now!

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  1. God you look like my older twin sisters lol xx
    lots of love


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