Friday, 21 August 2009

Its that Friday feeling.

Yesterday Jackie came over and we had a real good natter, went to the Heritage Centre (without even peeking my head round the door of the Craft Box!!)then back home for lunch. Really good catching up with all the news. Went to hairdressers and saw Kathy R (an ex Dearne Valley colleague) and played catchup with her, then back home to cook Barry's tea. Craft Class in the evening, we did a stair step fold card for a man - everyone enjoyed this. Did I mention that I got a thankyou card from young Lucy after Dabble Day. She made the card and put that she would be able to come for the next one!
Today Barry and I have been on the Rabbits Awayday at Low Laithes (Wakefield). It was a lovely course, the weather was not too unkind, and the golf wasn't too bad, but nothing to write home about. Regardless of that, I came third in the Ladies and won a litre bottle of Gin! Shame I don't drink!! We had our meal, then went home, I then went up to Stevies, as baby sister had come over from Manchester to see everyone and I didn't want to miss her. Chatted for over an hour, then had to say bye as she had to catch the 7:25 train. Took her to Wombwell train station, then Stevie and I went shopping to Morrisons.
Looking forward to tomorrow. Guess what - no golf! Well there is a golf competition, but I am giving it a miss as it's Craftwork Cards Sale Day tomorow. I am taking Chris (G) and Mary through to Stourton. Can't wait. Am going to bed early so that I am fit in the morning.

Night night.

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