Monday, 3 August 2009

Diary Found!

Hi all, just in case you were all getting worried about my Alzheimers - I can now reassure you that I am actually normal (well - as normal as those who know me would call normal), and have found my diary! It was under the drop down bit of the printer - you know where the paper comes out- and when I closed this - lo and behold the little offender had been hiding there all the time. I have been lost without this since Thursday evening when I first discovered it missing. Anyway, I will look after it better in future. Heather says that I should have it tied to my desk with string (in the same manner that I fasten my memory sticks to the desk drawer handle) and then I won't lose it. Will consider this option.
Well yesterday I managed to get all the washing done, and would you believe it, I didn't get the ironing done, so am doing it in between crafting and blogging and emails etc. One has to get one's priorities right.
I managed to do two sample cards for CCC and though I say it myself they look fine. I finished a wedding anniversary card that I am particularly fond of - very simple and classy - would you ike to see it?

Right - off now to do a litle more ironing.

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