Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Chris n crafting

Well folks - where has the week gone??
Tuesday saw me off to Keith's market stall(as usual) for all my card basics and a few bits of frippery! He was mega busy, as Jill had taken their grandson to Skeggie for the day, so I volunteered to give him a hand on the stall for an hour. (Didn't go to Aquarobics!) Quite enjoyed the experience, but don't fancy it as a regular job - I prefer being the other side of the stall. When I was adding up customers' purchases, I kept seeing stuff that I hadn't seen when I had bought my stuff, so I ended up buying a second stock of goodies! Anyway, went home for lunch, prepared the necessary for our Tuesday evening ladies golf game - decided on Waltzing - I won't try to describe it to non golfers, it would only bore you. Photocopied a cryptic film quiz for after golf, prepped a card for Wednesday, put a ready- meal on the kitchen work-top for Barry to find when he comes home and then set off for golf club.
Met up with Jean, who is helping out as assistant Handicap Secretary (Joan our Handicap Secretary is away at the moment), and together we updated all the competition results and handicaps. I have gone back up to 29 - again!! Jean, Chris C and I then set off waltzing round the course (well 11 holes of it!) and we came in with a score of 44. Other teams came in with scores of 41,41, 41, 40 and 37 - so it was quite close- but as you can see my team won!!
Did the quiz, which was received quite well, held the raffle and ate the biscuits (which, whoever wins them, ALWAYS has to open and share them round!!)
Went home and carried on prepping tonight's card for card class.
Collapsed into bed exhausted.
Had another little lie in this morning, then set off to Chris's (sister-in-law's), for a crafting session. We made a bookatrix using the beautiful pink foiled card (from Keith's) and made a box for it. Only stopped for coffee and lunch!
Back home again in time to make Barry's tea, a little relaxation with a cup of coffee watching Emmerdale, then Wednesday evening craft class. That's another day gone.
Tomorrow my good friend Jackie is coming over and we will have lunch. Am not sure whether we will stay home or go out - it will depend on the weather, but whatever, we will have a lovely day no doubt.
Well Chis (B) I have now done my duty and updated my blog, so...
Happy reading!!

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