Friday, 7 August 2009

Its that Friday Feeling

No wonder I feel tired this morning. Yesterday Ashley had me traipsing across cornfields, wheatfields, rotten broad bean fields, unbeaten tracks with stinging nettles, thistles, brambles, mangrove swamps and jungles! Seven miles we walked! I had sticky buds and wheatears in both my boots and my socks!! Having said all that, we both endured, sorry enjoyed the walk. It was a lovely day and there was not even a spot of rain to spoil the day. We had a very posh picnic lunch sat on a stile! Ash came to my rescue when I missed my footing (too much Pimms the night before) and almost disappeared down a ditch! Who ever thought that a walk on a summer's day could be fraught with so many dangers. When we got back to Ash's house, I gave my feet a treat with a cold soak, bathed my poor legs (that were scratched to death) and had a lovely cure-all cup of tea. Ash has promised never to take me on walks using the ordnance survey "footpath" guide again!!
I then had to dash straight to the hairdressers (looking like a tramp with mud on my trousers etc), then home to cook tea for Barry.
Craft Class produced some quality cards we had the usual compulsory laugh and looked at Sarah & Stuart's wedding photos on the Internet.
I did some work on Lucas's birthday card then went to bed.
Today we have a friendly game of golf with Townmoor Ladies and the skies are grey, it's bleak and cold - how can one day be so different to the next?
Well I'd better get dessed and off -time waits for no woman!

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