Saturday, 9 August 2014

Crafting with Lexie

Well I had a lovely day yesterday with the grandchildren.
In the morning Lexie, Lucas and I went to our local park and golfed on the Pitch and Put.
Lexie is still learning, but is improving steadily and next year I think 
we won't be able to keep her away from the Golf Club!
We had lunch and then went swimming, and dashed back home to get Lucas ready
 for him to have a game of golf with his Dad.
(They ended up only playing 8 holes, as the heavens opened
and we had torrential rain for a good two hours!) 
This left Lexie and me free to spend a few hours together crafting - it was lovely.
She is really talented and has shared her love of making loom band projects,
showing me how to make the more simple items!
Here are some of the things we made yesterday.

My bobble loom band bracelet

Lexie's and my bracelets

Lexie's little girl charm

Lexie made this especially for me - as you may know pink is my favourite colour!

Lexie's little boy charm
and this one is for Barry - he likes blue!

Lexie calls them Nannan Kate and Grandad Barry!!!

Needless to say I had a fabulous few hours enjoying her company!!


  1. Great projects, the loom looks like it's fun, Px

  2. Fab makes from both of you. I've not seen the bobble bands before - something else to look out for.

  3. Just fabulous. Good you had a great time with the kids. X

  4. Fabulous bracelets and the loom band charms are very clever . My grandchildren will be staying next week and I am sure we will be getting their loom bands out, I still have to have a go myself.

    Sylv xx

  5. These are fabulous. Lexie is very talented just like her grandma.
    Linda xxx

  6. Delightful projects Kate. Lexie has a real talent with the loom bands and it's lovely that you both had time to play x

  7. Looks a lot of fun together. love Ann x x

  8. they are delightful very well done hugs Judith xxx

  9. How fabulous, Kate, and so talented, Lexie is, you had better watch out, LOL...Sinead just said to me yesterday that she wants to do some today, and I am happy about that, as I will need her to show me how they are finished off, LOL...hugs xxx

  10. WOW, Lexie is indeed very talented with the loom bands and adore the mini versions of you! I can just about make a basic bracelet (lol) Lou x

  11. Hi Kate, These are just gorgeous, Lexie is very talented.

    Hugs Erin x

  12. Kate, they are adorable! :) Thank you so much for your condolences for Dad and for your offer. I sent you an email.

    Em x
    Creative Em


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